Business-Provided Sharps Disposal

Most of us are witnessing an increased level of environmental awareness within our communities that in turn, has raised the sensitivity within the halls of corporate America. Recycling, beneficial reuse, waste minimization are all terms that are now common in our vocabulary as we gain in understanding of how our way of life impacts the world around us. Many corporate responsibility initiatives have been developed in conjunction with the efforts of both government agencies and community activists intent on preventing further self-imposed damage to our environment.

One program that has been embraced by many organizations involves the safe and convenient disposal of used needles and other sharps generated within the corporate environment. Each year over 9 million syringe users will administer at least 3 billion injections outside of the traditional health care facilities, the largest group being those with diabetes. A self-administered insulin regimen is a necessity for people with certain types of this disease that often must be performed outside the comfort of the home but within the workplace.

Unfortunately, the newer types of “needle-less” injectors are still quite expensive which requires the use of a needle protocol. The proper disposal of the post-use needle is important, and in this case, many companies have made the determination to provide a mechanism to do just that so that their employees, customers, and vendors have a convenient disposal option that protects the maintenance and cleaning services personnel along with the general public from being exposed to a “sharp” that may have otherwise been discarded into the normal trash.

By providing governmentally approved sharps collectors in restrooms, common areas, and other convenient locations throughout the workplace, employers are rising to the occasion and making this innovated solution available within the work setting. It is all part of the ongoing evolution that has stemmed from just doing things right.

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