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Business-Provided Sharps Disposal

Most of us are witnessing an increased level of environmental awareness within our communities that in turn, has raised the sensitivity within the halls of corporate America. Recycling, beneficial reuse, waste minimization are all terms that are now common in our vocabulary as we gain in understanding of how our way of life impacts the […]
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Lessons from Lake Michigan: Pharmaceutical Waste Mismanagement

Several loud, inflammatory headlines demanded attention these past couple months, warning that “Drugs Contaminate Lake Michigan”, and “Lake Michigan Contaminated With Prescription Drugs”. It’s an alarming notion, absolutely, but within the hazardous materials industry, it can also serve as an important lesson. Just why is it so important to handle regulated medical waste (particularly pharmaceutical […]
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Special Treatment Considerations: Sharps

As if medical waste disposal waste wasn’t complicated enough in general terms, there are specific issues associated with different types of waste that require special consideration. Sharps, a category of medical waste that describes any item that can penetrate skin (most commonly hypodermic needles and syringes) are one such piece of the hazardous materials waste […]
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